Priyesh Sharad Patel: Expert Physician

18 Dec

Priyesh Sharad Patel is highly dedicated to his craft as an expert physician and thoracic oncologist. Daily, he works with patients who suffer from thoracic malignancies, which are cancers that develop within the organs of the upper part of the human respiratory system. It is a demanding field that requires him to put in lots of hours on cases, and he loves it. Very often, he will be traveling from one location in the world to another, helping patients in dire need of his skills. Most of these locations are countries that have inadequate healthcare facilities and expertise. Because of this, Priyesh Sharad Patel has become quite skilled in not just his area of specialization, but in all aspects of being a physician.

Priyesh Sharad Patel has helped countless people who wouldn’t have found the help they required. Although he loves practicing in the United States, he felt the urge to travel to worse off places in the world, and he loves this aspect of his job. Constant travel means being away from home, but luckily for him, his family understands the nature of the work he performs. On some trips, he takes his wife and family with him, just so they can all get to be together.

Dealing with patients with various needs and ailments requires all-round knowledge on medicine and medical procedures. For this fact, Priyesh Sharad Patel is appreciative that he has increased his knowledge and skills as a physician through his travel. While the places he travels aren’t always ideal or safe, he does it for a worthy and selfless cause: to save lives.

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Posted by on December 18, 2014 in Oncologist, Physician, Traveler



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