Priyesh Sharad Patel: World Traveler and Hero

10 Nov

Priyesh Sharad Patel is a highly trained, highly dedicated expert physician trained within the field of oncology. Specifically, he works with patients who suffer from thoracic malignancies, or cancers that develop within the organs of the upper respiratory system. These organs include the lungs, esophagus, and heart. However, his specialty has expanded to cover all aspects of professional healthcare due to his desire to help those in need around the world. He travels to countries typically suffering from extreme poverty, or even stricken by civil or international warfare. He feels a strong pull to help those who do not have the ability to help themselves. He has traveled to countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Iran helping patients who suffer from all sorts of clinical issues who would not be able to be treated otherwise.

Although Priyesh Sharad Patel specializes in thoracic oncology, his true calling is within the philanthropic realm. He felt the pull of the needy early on in life and knew from the beginning that helping others in desperate need of professional healthcare was how he wanted to use his training. He has traveled to countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, which offers its citizens very little in terms of healthcare or professional clinical service. He has also traveled recently to countries like Iraq and Iran as a neutral party helping those affected by the constant struggles for power and war. This type of service work can prove to be rather difficult not just clinically, but for a family as well. Luckily, Priyesh Sharad Patel’s family understands his need to help those worse off and are often able to travel with him, no matter the danger.

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Posted by on November 10, 2014 in Oncologist, Physician, Traveler


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