Priyesh Sharad Patel: Expert Oncologist

20 Oct

Priyesh Sharad Patel is an expert physician who specializes in the realm of thoracic oncology. He was trained and educated in the United States of America where he currently resides with his wife and two children in Seattle, Washington. Thoracic oncologists deal with cancers or malignancies that develop in the upper respiratory system and effect organs such as the heart, lungs, and the esophagus. In order to better deal with these malignancies, he uses an innovative radiation therapy technique called stereotactic ablative therapy. This type of therapy uses smaller beams of radiation those compared to most radiation therapies. This helps ensure the safety of the surround normal tissue while targeting the malignancies directly in the body. The goal of stereotactic ablative therapy is to keep the cancer cells from growing and eventually shrink in size. This type of therapy treatment has had a lot of success in patients who are able to catch their cancers early in their growth.


Although Priyesh Sharad Patel specializes in thoracic oncology, his true calling is within the philanthropic realm. He felt the pull of the needy early on in life and knew from the beginning that helping others in desperate need of professional healthcare was how he wanted to use his training. He has traveled to countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, which offers its citizens very little in terms of healthcare or professional clinical service. He has also traveled recently to countries like Iraq and Iran as a neutral party helping those affected by the constant struggles for power and war.


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